Ellie Silkstone

Game Developer and 3D Artist

Filly the Kid

Howdy Partner! Saddle up for this hoof-totin' adventure through the Old Wild West. You play as Filly, a young foal on a mission to catch the notorious gun-slinging outlaw, Three-Toed Thorough. But bringing this equestrian villain to justice ain't going to be easy, so you'll have to enlist the help of disgraced bounty hunter Boomer Buckskin, a washed-up old work-horse who'd rather sip sugar cubes at the local saloon than chase bandits.

Filly the Kid is a fresh take on the platforming genre with Western flair and an equine flourish. Opt for a respectable two-legged stance and use your lasso to navigate the environment or round up some bad guys, or embrace your wild horse nature, drop to all fours and gallop, rear up and leap across wide ravines.

Visit www.fillythekid.com for development diaries and more, and follow us on Twitter: @fillythekidgame or like us on Facebook for regular updates.


Jam Jar World

Jam Jar World is a small-scale evolution simulator; the player begins with a small, nondescript little creature. Each time they interact with their creature, it evolves depending on how they have interacted.

If the player places food in a tree, the creature grows a longer neck; if food is placed underground, the creature will burrow to get to it and grow longer legs as a result; if the player taps on the side of the jar, the creature may grow ears to listen to the player's taps, or may playfully charge in the direction of the noise, sprouting a pair of horns in the process. By shaking their device, the player can change the environment their little creature lives in, switching between a lush grassland to a wintry tundra.